Welcome to I Like How You Think

Welcome to I Like How You Think
Photo by Ashley Batz on Unsplash

I’ve been struggling to come up with a great opening line for this, the new home for my personal ramblings on the web. I thought about going serious:

“Welcome to I Like How You Think, where we’ll tackle the big issues of the day...”

I thought about going snarky:

“Just because I like how you think doesn’t mean I like you.”

Then I realized that I was falling back into an old bad habit, stalling. Despite being a professional writer by day, when it comes to these personal projects, I let my anxiety become overwhelming and never hit “publish.” So I opened up a blank page and started writing this new post with the intent of publishing it within the hour. See what you think:

Hi there, I’m Jesse and I Like How You Think.

To tell the truth, I like how most people think, and sometimes their dogs, too. People just fascinate me, and I figured it was about time to start capturing some of the fleeting thoughts I have about other people and their thoughts, as well as capturing some of my own more general ramblings.

So welcome to I Like How You Think. To answer what I imagine your first questions may be, in no particular order:

No, I’m not sure what direction this newsletter will take. But I’ve always preferred meandering backroads over the freeway anyway.

Yes, I will be discussing where the name comes from and what I believe to be at the root of what started out feeling like a backhanded compliment. I have in more recent years come to embrace my thought processes as part of what makes me me. And I like me.

Well, most of the time. I can also be a bit of an ass.